Hello World!


Those are the most suitable words to describe what I truly felt, when all the immigration paperworks were done, office matters were resolved, and plane ticket was already confirmed. I’m coming to Australia!

Most people think that it was so sudden. But for me, it is actually a dream since a decade ago, delayed but delivered nonetheless. It was possibly started since the day I collected all those international study expo brochures, browsed through overseas university websites, and finally took an IELTS test as requirement for a scholarship application (which was a failure, by the way).

But I guess then the work and daily routines got into me, and those dream were buried by itself. I even enrolled (and finally graduated) from a ‘domestic’ master program, just out of curiosity and thirst for learning and doing something more than just work. But still, the idea of study and living overseas were still kept somewhere inside.

Then it came.

A short email from my employer, stated that there are ‘tickets’ for 100 employees having the dream to experience overseas postgraduate study. I applied without hesitation. Turned out that the most basic skill that you gotta have is all about language — English to be specific. Several steps were following, including aptitude test, interview, [and another] english test. Add GMAT/GRE for those applying for MBA program, which wasn’t the case for me.

Long story short, here I am now in Brisbane. Waiting eagerly to start my classes next week. To experience what it’s like to have open discussions and arguments in classes, to be forced to have critical thinking and analysis, and all other things that they pumped into my nerve system all over this orientation week.

Well I guess I’m ready now. Bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. happy to read your cracked blowing-mind.

    Remembering back 24 years a go, a 17 years skinny young boy, 45kg weight, 162cm height, brown colour, batak and afraid to speak, with “Indonesia” printed big on the back of my jacket, goes to birmingham as an exchange student.

    bring it on Pak Imansyah

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