“Goodest” Country

Reading a TED’s post this morning about rank of ‘good country‘, I was wondering how Indonesia would perform. Can you guess it? :)

Before moving forward, the first question came to my mind was ‘How do they define a good country?’. The answer to the first one is pretty straightforward : “It’s a country that contributes to the greater good.”. So it’s not [only] about the wealth of the people, or advancement in technology, or the condition of the politics. It’s more the opposite of selfishness, rather than the opposite of bad. They try to do this by collecting data in the areas of science and technology, culture, international peace, prosperity and equality, health and wellbeing, even climate condition. Not that I completely agree that they are the only things that make a country ‘good’, but I guess they reflect most conditions.

So, where is Indonesia? We sit in 119th position of total 125 countries being ranked. The “goodest” country according to the research is Ireland. See whole list here.


Sad? Certainly. Surprised? Not really. :)

Even though these kinds of ranks are not the most important matters nor they become the purposes of doing good, but I think it’s nice to know how the world see us. And if you’re into this kinda thing, you might want to check where Indonesia is at in these others rankings :

What do you think? Does it matter?

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