Trail Running?

I was never really born into the wild. Most of my youth days are in the cities. When some of my high-school friends are having themselves some fun camping in the mountains, I were more into books and video games. Pity.

But after my first hike to Mount Gede in 2010, I was really starting to crave the wild. But hiking and camping took a lot of considerations, so I turned into mountain biking. But that didn’t really stick well.

But then I found these guys. The folks of @telkomselrunners who like to run/speed-hike in the trails, between the trees, up and down the hills, and up to the peak of the mountains. That was just started last year in early 2017, but I got hooked. Like really bad! :D

My medals from trail running events have just growing, even much more than ‘regular’ road race events. Starting from 10K in Tahura in 2010, I moved into several races to 30K around Bromo, 36K up-and-down Rinjani mountain in half-a-day, and just recently going up and down Mount Merbabu twice in a day. Things that I didn’t really think possible 1-2 years ago.

And I’m sure it won’t be the last. Currently training for 70K around Bromo Tengger Semeru in November.

Wish me luck!

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