Installing Canon MX700 network driver on Ubuntu

Installed a Lubuntu in a 2006 HP laptop. Everything going so fine even without googling any issue. They sure make *ubuntu installation pretty easy even for noob like me. :P

However, it’s another thing when I tried to install printer (Canon MX700). The official Canon support page listed nothing for Linux. But I found an old post in Ubuntu forum that did the trick.

First try doesn’t work the way it supposed to be, but looks like that’s because some packages are already obsolete. However, made some changes to the script, and it finall worked. Too bad I couldn’t reply to original post since the thread has been closed.

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Setting up TP-Link WR841N v9.2 (300Mbps N Router) as repeater

After 2 cups of coffee and some light snacks, what can be done at 11pm when you just can’t sleep? Probably watch some movies, or in my case, powering up an old router and turn it into a repeater.

It’s a TP-Link WR841N v9.2, a 300M Wireless N Router, which is actually not a bad router, but currently sitting on the shelf after being replaced by a new one (I need a USB port, which is not exist on this one).

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Cepat-Net Homelinks

Setelah sekian lama menggunakan Telkom Speedy, akhirnya sekitar 6 bulan lalu saya memutuskan untuk berhenti berlangganan. Alasannya simpel: saya lagi sering tidak di rumah dan lebih banyak menghabiskan waktu di kost, sedangkan tagihan Telkom Speedy paket Load (324.500 include PPn) cukup menguras kantong.

Lalu sekarang setelah kembali tinggal di BSD, kebutuhan adanya akses internet yang reliable, kembali muncul. Ok, jujur saja, Telkomsel Flash memang lumayan mencukupi untuk di sekitar sini, tapi kalau sudah masuk ke kamar, penerimaan sinyalnya langsung drop. Akhirnya kembali mencari alternatif akses internet yang bisa diandalkan.

Dan langsung tergiur dengan promo Cepat Net Homelinks yang baru beberapa bulan terakhir masuk ke kawasan Griya Loka BSD. Paket Basic (unlimited upto 384 kbps), ditambah promo bebas biaya instalasi + 2 line tv cable 58 saluran, dihargai 280.000 (incl PPn) per bulan. So far so good!