Setting up TP-Link WR841N v9.2 (300Mbps N Router) as repeater

After 2 cups of coffee and some light snacks, what can be done at 11pm when you just can’t sleep? Probably watch some movies, or in my case, powering up an old router and turn it into a repeater.

It’s a TP-Link WR841N v9.2, a 300M Wireless N Router, which is actually not a bad router, but currently sitting on the shelf after being replaced by a new one (I need a USB port, which is not exist on this one).

In summary, the steps are :

  1. Find, download, and install suitable version of the open-source DD-WRT firmware. Reference :
  2. The DD-WRT version for this router doesn’t provide a repeater mode. Another way is available by configuring the router as a client to the main router, and then setup a virtual interface. Reference :

Voila, it’s done in less than an hour, and with stronger wifi signal in the bedroom, it’ll be a sleepless night.

Road Trip : A quarter-round of Australia

It was a trip of a lifetime. At least, for us who had never dreamed of travelling a quarter-round of Australia but yet able to experience the diversity of the sceneries along the route.

8898 km of highways, countrysides, gravels, and even sands.
4 states (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA) and a territory (ACT).
3 camping sites, 5 motel rooms, and couple friend’s places.
3000+ photos.

Need to post this. Soon.

Australia Roadtrip

Business Analysis

Done the exam couple days ago. I guess it would be good to write something about this unit before I put it on ‘archive’ mode.. :D

INN220 Business Analysis is one of mandatory units in Master of IT (Enterprise System) course in QUT. It gives the introduction to the role, knowledge, and skills required of a business analyst, as depicted in “A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge”® (BABOK® Guide) by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). Business Analyst is basically the one who acts as liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals [1].

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First Days Cycling

Go cycling, they say.
It’ll be fun, they say.
Lot of scenery, they say.

Well, can’t blame them.. :)

Bikepath in the Park

Bikepath in the Park

Goodwill bridge

Goodwill bridge. Only for cyclist and pedestrian.

Bikepath along the river

Bikepath along the river

Performance Art Centre, in Cultural Centre Southbank.

Performance Art Centre, in Cultural Centre Southbank.

Wheel of Brisbane

Wheel of Brisbane, in Cultural Centre Southbank.

Queensland Parliament

Queensland Parliament, just in front of QUT.


CityCat. Yes, they’ll take your bike for a ride too.

The City

The City

Some first photos are taken by EOS-M. Few last ones are taken by Nexus 4, since I forgot to bring EOS-M SD Card along.
Grmbl.. Grmbl..