Trail Running?

I was never really born into the wild. Most of my youth days are in the cities. When some of my high-school friends are having themselves some fun camping in the mountains, I were more into books and video games. Pity.

But after my first hike to Mount Gede in 2010, I was really starting to crave the wild. But hiking and camping took a lot of considerations, so I turned into mountain biking. But that didn’t really stick well.

But then I found these guys. The folks of @telkomselrunners who like to run/speed-hike in the trails, between the trees, up and down the hills, and up to the peak of the mountains. That was just started last year in early 2017, but I got hooked. Like really bad! :D

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Speak to Change!




This is not something you see very often. Me, standing on the stage in front of that many people. I was always curious about how does it feel, and it felt great!

I am always interested in sharing useful things to others. This has started since I was in university. As research coordinator where I then shared the research in forums; as training and development in student organization; even last year when I joined the IISB (Indonesian Islamis Society of Brisbane) and volunteered in organizing the annual camping event where we filled it out with a lot of sharing sessions, team building, and problem solving activities. But I always felt that there were a lot of things that need to be improved in me : on my self-confidence, on how to deliver material that is clear and easy to understand, on how to speak in public.

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Installing Canon MX700 network driver on Ubuntu

Installed a Lubuntu in a 2006 HP laptop. Everything going so fine even without googling any issue. They sure make *ubuntu installation pretty easy even for noob like me. :P

However, it’s another thing when I tried to install printer (Canon MX700). The official Canon support page listed nothing for Linux. But I found an old post in Ubuntu forum that did the trick.

First try doesn’t work the way it supposed to be, but looks like that’s because some packages are already obsolete. However, made some changes to the script, and it finall worked. Too bad I couldn’t reply to original post since the thread has been closed.

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