Speak to Change!




This is not something you see very often. Me, standing on the stage in front of that many people. I was always curious about how does it feel, and it felt great!

I am always interested in sharing useful things to others. This has started since I was in university. As research coordinator where I then shared the research in forums; as training and development in student organization; even last year when I joined the IISB (Indonesian Islamis Society of Brisbane) and volunteered in organizing the annual camping event where we filled it out with a lot of sharing sessions, team building, and problem solving activities. But I always felt that there were a lot of things that need to be improved in me : on my self-confidence, on how to deliver material that is clear and easy to understand, on how to speak in public.

And just last week, I finally got the chance to learn on how I can do these things better. I attended a 3-days training called “Speak to Change“, held by Akademi Trainer. I even took a day off for it! But I was so confident that the training will mean something, since I attended couple corporate in-house trainings that affiliate with the organization, and I also know few people that already got the benefit from it. And I was right, it delivered!

The training was not just about public speaking, rather it is more about how to deliver ideas that can change and impact people to be better. This is also about growing ourselves and contribute to others.

The training was delivered based on a book with the same title “Speak to Change“. The 3-days activities was evolved around 3 areas :

  1. Improving self confidence
  2. Building systematic delivery
  3. Make an impact

And it FAAA…AAAAR away from boring! :D

I won’t lie, the 3 days were exhausting. Not just 1-way delivery from the trainer, they were filled with discussion and practices. And in the end, I can see clearly how my friends in the group have improved; how myself have improved. And as you can see from the photo above, I was being selected as on e of the participant to deliver my idea in front of all the audience (which is about Technology 4 Kids, but we’ll talk about that later.. :p).

So, for those of you that want to improve your abilities –not just to speak, but to have impact and contribute– I really suggest that you look into it, probably view relevant videos from Akademi Trainer and some of the trainers, and I promise you’ll get hooked!

See you on stage! :)

One thought on “Speak to Change!

  1. You’ll probably think this strange for me to say but public speaking keeps terrifying me; my main problem is that I think using sequential images and symbols, and the effort of translating that to words whilst worrying about my audience often causes me to stumble. Practice makes perfect as they say, you my friend have an amazing vision and I hope to hear more how you go!

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